4 positions Chicago Bears must address in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears must leave the 2024 NFL Draft with these needs crossed off.

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1. We know the Chicago Bears will draft Caleb Williams in 2024

This is the most obvious position on the entire list. The Chicago Bears pick first overall, and they are going to be drafting Caleb Williams with that pick. There is not much question about it, especially after the team traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As they stand, the Bears have Tyson Bagent and Brett Rypien on the roster. Bagent is a solid backup option that can get you through a game or two, and Rypien is exactly what you should expect to see when you are looking for a third quarterback. They are missing the starter, though. 

Williams has flaws, no person, let alone quarterback is without question marks. However, he is clearly the highest ceiling option in the draft. The Bears purposefully left this need open because it is not a secret. They have the first pick, and they will draft a quarterback. 

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