5 Chicago Bears who would benefit most from a developmental league 

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With the spring leagues coming to a close, there is an interesting concept about how these leagues could eventually become developmental leagues for the NFL. How nice would it be for the Chicago Bears to stash a few players on their spring league roster and hope for them to show enough potential to work onto the NFL roster? 

If the Bears could send five players to get experience in their developmental league, who would benefit the most?

Kiran Amegadjie 

The developmental league would be made for someone like Kiran Amegadjie. The whole argument for a developmental league is that a player such as Amegadjie would take advantage, and the league would be much stronger along the offensive line. Better offensive line play keeps the players that fans pay to see healthy. 

Amegadjie is a rookie third-round pick from Yale. He has plenty of playing time at Yale, but that is a big jump for him. While he will get some work in training camp, he is not going to beat out Braxton Jones in year one. 

Amegadjie could sit for two years without any snaps outside of the preseason. The Bears are going to hope that he can step into Jones’ spot by the third season, but that is still a big jump, even if he has been in the NFL for two years. If the Bears could get him experience for two years in the developmental league, then bring him up it would make their decision much more well-informed.