5 Chicago Bears who would benefit most from a developmental league 

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Dominique Robinson 

Dominique Robinson is another perfect example of who would benefit the most from this type of league. Robinson was a wide receiver as recently as five seasons ago. Now, he is entering his third NFL season as a pass rusher. 

He went from a wide receiver at Miami (OH) to a defensive end, which is one heck of a transition. He flashed enough to get drafted, but the jump from the MAC to the NFL is big even if he had been rushing the passer throughout his collegiate career. 

So, Robinson struggled. The big issue is that he was worse in year two than he was as a rookie. He showed no signs of development. It is tough, though, when you have to get thrown into the deep end as a rookie, and then slowly see your playing time reduced because you cannot keep up. 

There is no time for him to develop. If he took his rookie season against prospect tackles like Amegadjie then there could be more signs of progress, but he does not get those experiences.