5 Chicago Bears who would benefit most from a developmental league 

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Terell Smith 

Terell Smith is another player who could benefit from this league but for a different reason. Smith hit the ground running as a rookie. He did not play often, but when he did, he looked like an NFL cornerback. 

Smith got an illness during the season that derailed his progress, but more than that, there just were not enough snaps to go around for him. The Bears have Jaylon Johnson, their franchise-caliber player, and they drafted Tyrique Stevenson ahead of Smith.

Stevenson flashed enough that he was not getting benched. So, Smith needed injuries to see the field. When he played it was great, but Smith is entering his second season with a chance of playing a very limited role. 

The Bears would love to see Smith develop, and if a cornerback goes down he will be tested again. Still, for now it feels as though his talent and development is being wasted on the bench. A new league would be so valuable for this player.