5 Chicago Bears who would benefit most from a developmental league 

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Ja’Tyre Carter

Ja’Tyre Carter has had to play a little bit too much over the last two years. The former seventh-round pick saw the field in spurts as a rookie, but injuries to both Teven Jenkins and Nate Davis led to Carter getting a lot of work in year two.

Carter is a late-round pick from Souther. He simply does not have the experience or the competition level to step onto an NFL field and be more than a hope at success. The Bears are probably happy that he got some playing as he enters year three, but additions like Ryan Bates, Coleman Shelton, and Matt Pryor were made to make sure Carter does not see the field. 

So, the momentum will likely be stopped for the young player. Imagine if he was developing in the minors since his rookie year. Maybe year two would not have gone so badly. Even if it did, he now would have things to work on in the minor leagues. Now, Carter just gets a small chance, he struggles, and he is replaced. There could be more success stories with a league that Carter could play in.