5 dream scenarios for the Bears in 2024

Let's say it all goes exactly as planned...
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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4. Caleb Williams finally does what no other Bears QB has done

One of the greatest things that could possibly happen for the Bears in 2024 is for Caleb Williams to bust loose as a rookie, taking no time to introduce himself to the NFL. Obviously, the Bears have yet to see a quarterback throw for over 4,000 yards or toss 30 touchdowns in a season.

Ideally, Williams does this as a rookie, smashing those never-broken barriers to pieces and announcing his presence with a bang. If Wiliams came out and did both of those things in Year 1, you better believe the hype around this Bears team would reach heights no one has seen in almost four decades.

5. The Bears win the Super Bowl

There is nothing better than winning the Super Bowl. That's the pinnacle. That's the ultimate goal, so if all went perfectly and dreams really did come true, then Williams' magical rookie season ends with the Bears hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

What would make this even sweeter is if it came with Chicago beating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. We have heard, for a few years now, how the Bears made the ultimate mistake passing on Mahomes in favor of Mitchell Trubisky. Finally, it wouldn't matter any longer.