5 free agents on Chicago Bears radar unlikely to make it to free agency

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Chicago Bears, Jawaan taylor
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3. Will the Jacksonville Jaguars really lose Jawaan Taylor?

Fans should be viewing Jawaan Taylor in the same light as Daron Payne for now. Could the Jacksonville Jaguars let him walk? I guess it is possible, but teams would line up bid for him. Considering he was a fringe first roun pick, he is young for hitting free agency, and he plays right tackle, a valued position, the Jaguars will be looking to trade him, not letting him walk in free agency.

It has not been officialy yet, but it is hard to see the team letting him go without the franchise tag. The Jaguars do have Cam Robinson and drafted Walker Little last season. Still, Taylor was better than both. Considering the Jaguars just broke out and made the playoffs, and their line was gelling, it is hard to see them just moving on from a right tackle during his prime years.

If the team does not work out a deal, maybe they do get a return via a trade, but they are not letting walk without getting anything back. In the case of Taylor, he may be more likely to get tagged and traded than Payne. He also may be a better fit at right tackle for the Chicago Bears. The story is not over with him, but it is hard to see him entering free agency.