5 Players from Day 4 of the NFL Combine that could help the Chicago Bears in 2024

Chicago Bears, Joe Alt
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Zach Frazier - West Virginia

Chicago Bears, Zach Frazier (54)
Chicago Bears, Zach Frazier (54) / Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Frazier has a lot of traits that should be coveted for a center. First, the center has registered an impressive 37 straight starts at West Virginia, a stretch that does not even account for his nine starts as a freshman at guard. Second, at 6'3", 315 lbs, Frazier appears to have a near proto-typical size for an athletic center.

Third, Frazier was a four-time heavyweight state champion as a high school wrestler in West Virginia, an impressive feat for any athlete. Frazier's expertise as a wrestler certainly informs his abilities as a center, allowing him to control leverage individually and as the offensive line as a whole. Frazier could easily plug up a lot of the problems across the Bears' line and should be heavily considered at the top of day two if the Bears can wind up with a draft pick in his range.

Cooper Beebe - Kansas State

Chicago Bears, Cooper Beebe
Chicago Bears, Cooper Beebe / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Like many on this list, Beebe possesses a terrific resume of high-end experience in multiple positions. Known mostly for starting at left tackle for 2021 and 2023, Beebe spent the sandwiched season at the guard spot, where his play remained steady. All in all, Beebe is walking away from Kansas State with an impressive 48 starts under his belt, making him one of the most experienced players in his class.

Beebe has experience at tackle, but measuring in at 6'3", 330 lbs, his frame may translate better to the interior of the offensive line at the next level. Beebe has a lot to like as a zone blocker at pass protector up front, and while it is somewhat ironic to replace the recently released Cody Whitehair with another Kansas State product, Beebe could instantly slot in at guard, and could even play some center if needed.

Keaton Bills - Utah

Chicago Bears, Keaton Bills
Chicago Bears, Keaton Bills / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

With 32 starts at left guard in his collegiate career, Bills is an experienced prospect who possesses prototypical size for his position. Standing at roughly 6'4" and 315 lbs, Bills has the frame and upper-body strength to out-physical opponents at the collegiate level, and his time playing has made him cerebral towards potential stunts and blitzes as a pass protector.

To become a truly dependable blocker at the next level, Bills will have to improve his technique, especially as it pertains to his footwork as a pass protector and pulling guard. Still, there is a lot to work with physically, and his collegiate experience means he could see playing time as a pro early and not be overwhelmed. Bills is an interesting depth piece that could develop into a real offensive contributor quickly.

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