5 reasons Jim Harbaugh would’ve been a great hire for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears could've kicked the tires on Jim Harbaugh to see if he had any interest in coming back to the NFL. They didn't, but they'll wish they did sooner or later.

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For a team as recognized as the Chicago Bears, it's one of the world's top wonders as to why this team can't be recognized for recent success. Instead, it's the 1985 Bears or the 2006 Super Bowl team, but outside of that, there's not much to look back on fondly in recent memory.

The Chicago Bears remain content with average, miss on Jim Harbaugh

A lot of what makes a team great is their coaching. When the coaching is good, usually the team follows suit. However, the same is true when coaches aren't so good.

Matt Eberflus, based on what his Bears team looks like on the field, might fall into the category of coaches who aren't so good. Now, defensively, he can coach a defense. It seems like the defense plays hard for him, and since he was calling the defense for most of last season, it's fair to give him the praise when that unit brought it together.

But, for the most part, Matt Eberflus doesn't do what's needed from a head coach. He finds ways to lose more frequently than he finds ways to win. Multiple times this season, Eberflus coached the team to a loss when they were in a position to win. Three times, those losses landed on the wrong side of the history book.

That's not what great coaches do.

The Chicago Bears even had a chance to hire a great coach in Jim Harbaugh, yet, they never even kicked the tires on him. There was never a call made from the Chicago Bears to Jim Harbaugh. The Bears were content with Matt Eberflus.

Maybe this will come back to prove the naysayers right, but— when presented with the choice of Matt Eberflus or Jim Harbaugh— one of those coaches would likely do a much better job coaching the Chicago Bears than the other.