5 reasons Jim Harbaugh would’ve been a great hire for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears could've kicked the tires on Jim Harbaugh to see if he had any interest in coming back to the NFL. They didn't, but they'll wish they did sooner or later.

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Reason No. 2 Jim Harbaugh would be a great hire for the Chicago Bears: He knows how to win football games

This might be silly, but it's true. Jim Harbaugh is someone who understands how to win football games. At the end of the day, that's all the Chicago Bears should care about doing: Winning football games.

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As a head coach, both in the NFL and college, Jim Harbaugh has a combined record of 162-65. If you took away 100 wins from Harbaugh, he'd still have a win percentage that almost doubles Matt Eberflus' win percentage.

Maybe there's something glaring that I'm missing about Eberflus, but to keep him over Harbaugh is a decision I see being egg on the Chicago Bears' face if the Chargers make the playoffs anytime soon.

Not only does Jim Harbaugh know how to win, but he wins in the playoffs, too. I know, that's a foreign thought for the Chicago Bears, but Harbaugh knows the playoffs like he knows Excel.

It's funny to laugh at, but Harbaugh is such a football mind, he doesn't waste time learning all these spiffy new technologies. Give the man Microsoft Excel, and he'll win you a National Championship— or in this sense, the Super Bowl.