5 reasons Jim Harbaugh would’ve been a great hire for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears could've kicked the tires on Jim Harbaugh to see if he had any interest in coming back to the NFL. They didn't, but they'll wish they did sooner or later.

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Reason No. 3 Jim Harbaugh would be a great hire for the Chicago Bears: Rivalries are taken very seriously

While the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are one of the NFL's oldest rivalries, it hasn't been much of a rivalry lately— especially for the Bears' side.

The Bears don't only struggle against the Packers, however. The entire NFC North gives Matt Eberflus a challenge he can seldom overcome.

Matt Eberflus has more seasons coached for the Chicago Bears (2) than wins against NFC North opponents (1). Each season, there are six chances to win an NFC North game, and of those twelve total opportunities, Matt Eberflus has come out victorious once.

Now, sure, Urban Meyer had Jim Harbaugh's number, but the comparison of Jim Harbaugh and Matt Eberflus against their rivals isn't in nearly the same realm.

If Jim Harbaugh was coaching the Chicago Bears, they wouldn't be winless against the Packers in two seasons. That's a guarantee.

If there's something Jim Harbaugh wants to do, it's win. Diving deeper into that, he wants to win rivalries, and he wants to win big games. It's what drives Jim Harbaugh. If only it's what drove the Chicago Bears.