5 takeaways for the Chicago Bears from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0

Daniel Jeremiah gives insight into who the Chicago Bears could be selecting with their two first-round picks in his Mock Draft 1.0. How do we feel?

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With the NFL postseason slowly coming to an end, it's officially that much closer to the 2024 NFL Draft. Considering the Chicago Bears' season ended on Jan 7th, 2024, the Bears have fewer distractions to worry about between now and the draft.

Now, distractions being playoff games, I wouldn't necessarily mind if the Bears had a distraction from time to time, but beggars can't be choosers.

The Chicago Bears should pay (some) attention to Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0

With the NFL Draft coming up soon-ish, Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0 is officially live. Jeremiah is one of the bigger names who I find to be pretty consistent in his evaluation of players. Sometimes they don't always go where he predicts them to, but the evaluation is usually pretty money.

And while Ryan Poles likely has his scouts and himself making the assessments of prospects coming into the draft, there are at least five takeaways from DJ's Mock Draft 1.0 that the Chicago Bears could use in their preparation for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Mock drafts are, really, just people making educated guesses of what people think other people will do. And, in case you didn't know, people aren't always the easiest to predict. Especially those who run a football team. The decisions made by some make the whole predicting game a mess.

Will Ryan Poles go by the books as Daniel Jeremiah predicts, or is this mock draft completely and utterly fiction? Well, that answer will come in late April, but there are certainly some takeaways from this mock draft that could help the Chicago Bears in their quest for "... [taking] the North and never giving it back."