5 takeaways for the Chicago Bears from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0

Daniel Jeremiah gives insight into who the Chicago Bears could be selecting with their two first-round picks in his Mock Draft 1.0. How do we feel?

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Chicago Bears' takeaway No. 2: It's Caleb Williams time in Chicago

I'll be fully transparent; it wasn't as fun to type that title as some of you might think it was.

While I do recognize Caleb Williams is a very talented prospect, that doesn't mean it won't be upsetting to see a prospect who I enjoyed watching more move on from the Chicago Bears. Sure, that sting might ease up if Williams is as advertised.

But, as a fan who doesn't really watch much college football, I'll never forget watching that Sugar Bowl performance by Fields and thinking, "He would be so fun to watch on the Chicago Bears one day."

I was only partially right with that thought.

And there's still a chance Justin Fields stays with the Chicago Bears, but it's becoming seemingly less likely as time goes on.

Per Mock Draft 1.0 by Daniel Jeremiah, Fields is traded away, and Caleb Williams is drafted with the No. 1 pick. It's not mentioned where Fields is traded to, but the short list of teams I'd personally love to watch him on includes the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, and Los Angeles Rams.

While they're all NFC teams, they're all teams who seemingly fit the mold that Justin Fields could thrive in.

The NFL is a production business, so Justin Fields being a really good person makes it suck as a human to want to theoretically move on from him. He's clearly a gifted athlete, and if I were to take a swing on what could've gone wrong, my theory is that Fields got over-coached by the wrong people.

Having incredible athletes all around the field with poor coaching above is what gets the Philadelphia Eagles beat 32-9 and the Dallas Cowboys beat 19-12 in the playoffs this year. Players matter, but coaching matters as much, if not more.

Alright, enough about Justin Fields and Caleb Williams. Well — probably not, actually.