6 Potential trade packages for the Chicago Bears first-overall pick

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports
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2. The New England Patriots

Perhaps no team in the NFL is going through more of a remodel than the New England Patriots, who have finally descended from a 20-plus-year reign atop the league. With Bill Belichick out as head coach, his successor, Jerod Mayo, may look to kick his tenure off with a bang and pull off a franchise-altering move. The Patriots still have Mac Jones on the roster, who was picked only a handful of selections after Fields in 2021, but there does not seem to be a lot of faith in Jones's ability to become a franchise-caliber quarterback

Chicago Bears, Mac Jones
Chicago Bears, Mac Jones / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Under Belichick, who served as both the head coach and general manager, the Patriots rarely traded up in the draft, rather they often traded down to collect more mid-round picks. But again, the Patriots have an opportunity to reestablish their identity as an aggressive front office, and signaling the changing of the guard by having Mayo and company bring in their own quarterback prospect could make a lot of sense.

This trade would be a great jumpstart for the Patriots, who would be leapfrogging perhaps their strongest threat for Williams in the Commanders. To allow this move to happen, the Bears would again likely try to recoup a second-round pick this season, but would also look to add future picks within the first two rounds.

Chicago Bears receive: 3rd overall, 34th overall, 2025 1st, 2025 2nd, 2026 2nd