6 Potential trade packages for the Chicago Bears first-overall pick

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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3. The New York Giants

Trading back with the New York Giants may be more of a fantasy than reality (the team has traded up in the first round just twice since 2002, both of which were to move up one slot). The Giants aren't usually keen on forfeiting future draft capital for immediate gratification, but with a franchise seemingly at the tipping point, making an aggressive move with the Bears could make a lot of sense for both organizations.

The Giants, who are slated to pay Daniel Jones $35.5 million next season, have a potential out with the former Duke quarterback in the 2025 offseason. Trading up would essentially force the Giants to admit that they went wrong on Jones' extension, but the law of sunk costs should apply to an organization with a talented play-caller and a handful of quality offensive weapons.

Chicago Bears, Saquon Barkley
Chicago Bears, Saquon Barkley / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

There is certainly a double-edged sword in trading back with the Giants; the Bears would net a better trade package the further down they trade, but it would force the team to have less autonomy at the top of the class. This could potentially take the Bears out of reach of players like Harrison Jr and Malik Nabers, but it could be worth it to hoard picks in the long run, especially if Chicago can acquire impending free agent running back Saquon Barkley on a sing/tag and trade.

Chicago Bears receive: 6th overall, 47th overall, 2025 1st, RB Saquon Barkley