6 reasons why the Chicago Bears made the right decision to trade Justin Fields

There are a handful (plus one) of reasons the Bears made the right decision by trading Justin Fields.

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Reason No. 6: Ryan Poles and Chicago Bears did right by Fields in Steelers trade

When the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields were in the peak of "What's going on?" mode, Ryan Poles made it clear that he wanted to do right by Justin Fields and his future. It was clear that Poles knew the situation wasn't ideal, and in a human business, it was a classy move.

Poles shouldn't make a habit of doing deals in this fashion, as the Justin Fields return was wildly lackluster— especially given the deals done for quarterbacks prior to Fields this off-season.

But, in a business where word spreads quickly and influences future decisions made for future free agents, it's good to go out in a bad situation with the right approach.

There were reports that claimed the Bears were given better offers for Fields to go to a team where he'd have no clear future in sight. So, to do right by Fields, Ryan Poles sent Fields to a destination where a future plan looks more concrete than other buyers.

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