A blockbuster consensus of who NFL analysts believe the Chicago Bears draft at No. 9

The Chicago Bears are almost guaranteed to take Caleb Williams with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but will the team do at 1.09? We look at the consensus of 15 NFL Draft analysts who have created mock drafts for the Bears.
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Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
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Will the Chicago Bears trade pick 1.09?

I compiled the list that Larry Mayer put together and organized it in a different way. The first thing I took into account was how many analysts predicted the Chicago Bears to make a trade with the ninth pick in the draft. Out of the 15 analysts listed, six analysts believe the Bears will make a trade.

Of the six, two think the Chicago Bears will trade up from nine. Nick Wright of Fox Sports has the Bears moving up from nine to five and Nathan Jahnke of Pro Football Focus has the Bears moving up from nine to six.

The four other analysts have the Chicago Bears trading down from nine. The lowest they have Ryan Poles moving down is 15. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune is predicting the Bears move down from nine to 11. Marcus Mosher of the 33rd Team has Chicago moving down to 13. Tyler Forness of The Sporting News thinks Chicago will move down to 14. Finally, Peter Schrager has Poles trading down to 15.

One thing to note is that the article doesn't specify what Chicago is giving up or gaining in any of these hypothetical trades. I will say I don't find it that plausible for Chicago to be making trades with Minnesota, the team that owns the 11th overall pick, but Minnesota has made trades within the division before. If the Bears aren't getting a second-rounder in any of those trade-back deals, then none of them are worth it in my opinion.