A Chicago Bears fan favorite has taken Justin Fields' old number

There is a new H1M for the Chicago Bears.
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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While the focus remains on what number Caleb Williams will wear for the Chicago Bears, we know that he won't be taking Justin Fields' old number.

With Keenan Allen expected to take No. 13, there was a chance that Williams was going to take No. 1, last worn by Fields, but that won't be the case.

It was revealed on Wednesday that cornerback Jaylon Johnson will be making the change from No. 33 to No. 1.

Justin Fields' old jersey number has already been taken on the Chicago Bears.

There should be a sense of relief that Williams is not taking No. 1. Given how toxic and polarizing the debate between Fields and Williams has been, the USC quarterback taking the number of his predecessor would throw gasoline on the fire that is Bears fans on social media.

Given how quick Johnson was to support Fields during last season and the early parts of the offseason, there is a comedic element to how quickly he took the quarterback's old number.

For Johnson, it is a switch back to the number that he wore in college. In what seemingly was confirmation of the number change, Johnson took to social media on Wednesday to share a picture of him in college.

It's been a big offseason for Johnson as the four-year contract extension he signed with the Bears last month cemented his standing as a leader in the locker room. After the release of Eddie Jackson earlier this offseason, Johnson has also become the primary voice in the Bears' defensive secondary.

As for Fields, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he will no longer be wearing No. 1. The Steelers haven't given out the No. 1 since the 1999 season and that won't change with Fields now being on the roster. Instead, Fields will be wearing No. 2 with Pittsburgh.