A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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Caleb Williams QB USC 1st overall

The Chicago Bears could miss by drafting Caleb Williams. There is no such thing as a perfect prospect. Did all of the #1 overall quarterbacks pan out for the teams that drafted them? Here is a list of some:

  • Bryce Young Panthers
  • Trevor Lawrence Jaguars
  • Joe Burrow Bengals
  • Kyler Murray Cardinals
  • Baker Mayfield Browns
  • Jared Goff Rams
  • Jameis Winston Buccaneers (miss)
  • Andrew Luck Colts
  • Cam Newton Panthers (tough)
  • Sam Bradford Rams (tough again)
  • Matthew Stafford Lions
  • JaMarcus Russell Raiders (bad)

The list goes on and on. However, out of that very short list, you might find one potential Hall of Fame player and one who could have been. How do the Chicago Bears make sure Caleb Williams becomes that top-tier talent and not a bust? The interviewing process and background checks are the start of making sure he isn't anything like JaMarcus Russell. Players at the NFL level need to study. **Cough Cough** Kyler Murray!

The next step is to ensure they have enough weapons and protection. Insert Keenan Allen and D'Andre Swift. You need to protect the quarterback and have a solid play-caller who can play to their strengths. That last sentence is the biggest key for Caleb Williams. What was Williams's struggle last season at USC, and how can the Bears ensure that doesn't become an issue here? Williams lost his right-hand man to the NFL draft in Jordan Addison, along with defensive star Tuli Tuipulotu and a key offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees. We are going to fix that.