A surprise development in Chicago Bears stadium saga

Back to the original plan? You don't say.
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

There has seemingly been a shift in messaging for Chicago Bears president Kevin Warren, as his public talking point has been that the Bears pivoted from Arlington Heights to remaining in the city with a new stadium along the lakefront.

The issue with Warren's pivot is that it never made sense, The charade that was Warren's press conference the day before the 2024 NFL Draft was an embarrassment. The talking points from both Warren and Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson did not add up and even with the video that was released was proven to be rushed given the lack of parking space that was depicted.

Jokes about parking spaces notwithstanding, the Bears' stadium proposal hasn't even reached the desk of Springfield lawmakers. While there remains a chance that the proposal will be included in the session this fall, it's also important to note that Warren's proposal has been laughed at by nearly every decision-maker involved in the process.

But hey, perhaps this a part of some master negotiating plan of Warren to find the best deal with Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights remains the most logical place for the Chicago Bears' next stadium.

For all the appeal that the Bears remaining in Chicago has, Arlington Heights is, without question, the better of the two stadium possibilities for the Bears. Warren loves to hear himself talk, and there is no fault to fans that fell for his masked non-sense, but at the end of the day, building the stadium in Arlington Heights along with an entertainment district was always the better move for the Bears.

There likely will be more twists and turns before shovels are actually in the ground, no matter if it's the location in Arlington Heights or the location along the lakefront. But, what is clear as days pass, the lack of logic in Warren's initial lakefront message is being snuffed out.

To that end, a day after his original report, CHGO's Mark Carman added clarification.

It would seem that the resolution that the Bears and Arlington Heights might be nearing may not be related to the stadium deal. Having said that, reading between the lines, this could be viewed as the first step to Warren and the Bears realizing Arlington Heights is more likely.