Adam Schefter drops 4 truth bombs regarding the Chicago Bears

With the NFL Draft process in full swing, Adam Schefter provides information regarding the Chicago Bears, the No. 1 pick, and Caleb Williams.

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As is tradition this time of year, the NFL Draft is atop all things sporting news. Since the Chicago Bears have the No. 1 pick for a second year in a row, there's plenty of attention on them and what they plan on doing. Ryan Poles has big decisions to make and not much time left to make them.

Adam Schefter discusses Chicago Bears' draft, No. 1 pick

With fans speculating left and right, Schefty came in to let the world know what he knows.

Adam Schefter joined Waddle and Silvy on ESPN1000 to discuss what he's been hearing among the league's chatter, given the time of the season. Schefter, though not the most adored personality within the NFL, is wildly connected to many sources within the league. Whether they feed him truthful information all the time is up for debate, but he's connected without a doubt.

The main focus of discussion surrounded the No. 1 pick and Caleb Williams, but there was also discussion on Justin Fields and what his future could hold. Since Fields could be traded, what kind of return could they see? Schefter's answer is a bit surprising, though, not for the expected reason.

Everything that social media has been buzzing about recently, Adam Schefter did his best to address. Whether or not the Chicago Bears do exactly what Schefter predicts is beside the point. The more info that aligns, the more likely it's true.

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