Adam Schefter drops 4 truth bombs regarding the Chicago Bears

With the NFL Draft process in full swing, Adam Schefter provides information regarding the Chicago Bears, the No. 1 pick, and Caleb Williams.

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Chicago Bears' truth bomb No. 1: Justin Fields' trade value is high

Per Adam Schefter, the Justin Fields buyer's market is actually rather hot right now. On Waddle and Silvy, Schefter said the Chicago Bears could potentially get a first for Fields, though, definitely able to acquire a second-round pick.

That's if the Bears trade him.

There's no definitive answer saying whether the Chicago Bears will stick with Justin Fields. Speculation has been done as far as the eye can see, though, the Bears haven't seemed to sway one way or the other publically.

Fields has had an up-and-down career thus far in Chicago, but it's dishonest to say Justin Fields isn't a freakishly talented athlete. However, his job title is quarterback, not athlete. Neither Tom Brady, nor Peyton Manning were the most gifted athletes on the field when they played, but they were two of the best quarterbacks on the field when they played. Athlete doesn't equal quarterback.

Justin Fields has the capability of being a special quarterback in the NFL, but the idea that quarterbacks need the right system is proving itself true once again with Brock Purdy in the Big Game. Being drafted with the last pick in the draft after playing for a college with national recognition gives off the idea that Purdy is succeeding with the 49ers because of the fit, rather than an unseen body of talent.

It could be a fact that Justin Fields isn't a fit with what the Chicago Bears want to do offensively. He could succeed elsewhere, and it wouldn't surprise me at all. With Shane Waldron joining the offensive staff this season, maybe the Bears can turn around their disappointing ways on offense.

All of that said to reiterate the idea that other teams could see untapped potential in Justin Fields that their coaching staff and/or offensive scheme could utilize better than the Bears did. Multiple teams thinking this is what drives the value up, so if there's a pool of candidates going for Fields, the idea of getting a first or second-round pick wouldn't be all that shocking.