Adam Schefter drops 4 truth bombs regarding the Chicago Bears

With the NFL Draft process in full swing, Adam Schefter provides information regarding the Chicago Bears, the No. 1 pick, and Caleb Williams.

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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears' truth bomb No. 2: Ryan Poles doesn't plan on moving from first pick — or does he?

One thing Schefter made sure to mention while discussing the Chicago Bears with Waddle and Silvy was that the Bears aren't looking to move on from the first pick. They plan on making the first selection of the 2024 NFL Draft. Or maybe that's the info Poles wants teams thinking.

The Chicago Bears have a lot of leverage in this situation, as there isn't really a losing situation for them. Drafting Caleb Williams first overall is a good idea. Getting a haul for the first pick and drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. is a good idea. Those are the two main options at play, putting the Chicago Bears in a powerful position ahead of the draft.

If Poles is using this tactic to increase the value of the first pick, Schefter claims a trade with Washington would start at two first-round picks. Could the Chicago Bears get a Panthers-esque return for the No. 2 pick from the Commanders?

All of this depends on how highly the Chicago Bears value Caleb Williams. If he's the "generational" prospect some are claiming him to be, the price would have to be wildly high for the Bears to accept it.