Adam Schefter drops 4 truth bombs regarding the Chicago Bears

With the NFL Draft process in full swing, Adam Schefter provides information regarding the Chicago Bears, the No. 1 pick, and Caleb Williams.

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Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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Chicago Bears' truth bomb No. 4: The Bears never entertained Harbaugh, rolling with Matt Eberflus

As Ryan Poles said during the Bears' end-of-season press conference, there was no contact between the Chicago Bears and Jim Harbaugh's camp about a head coaching position. Poles claimed Eberflus was his guy, and Adam Schefter backed up those claims.

In fact, the verbiage Schefter used was that Harbaugh wasn't even an option considered by the Bears. Schefter didn't believe the Bears showed any interest, and that backs up what Ryan Poles said when he decided he was "rolling with Matt."

Matt Eberflus has been a questionable head coach up to this point, but he's done something to win over the front office of the Chicago Bears enough to keep him in a year where they might be drafting a rookie quarterback.


That recipe doesn't usually bode well for either side, but that was likely in the evaluation process Poles used when making his final decision on Eberflus.