Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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A fascinating dividing line has emerged between those who believe the Bears should keep Justin Fields and those who believe they should not. When defining what constitutes this dividing line let's start with former NFL QBs. Most of the quarterbacks, who have gone public with their opinion about Fields stay or go, conclude he should stay with the Bears. Some enterprising Bears reporters should contact as many former QBs as possible to see how many believe Fields should stay as a Chicago Bear.

Then there is this very vocal group of pro-Justin Fields supporters who happen to be his teammates. This reminds me of past QB controversies where this old axiom has often been proven to be right. That being, the clubhouse knows best. What makes this QB controversy unique is it pits a current starter against the first pick in the draft who has been identified by many as a generational talent. Of course, the history of QBs becoming very successful who were the top picks is quite the mixed bag.

As far as generational QBs go, Andrew Luck has been the only quarterback drafted with the top pick in the last 25 years who as advertised became a generational talent. Here is what I believe is the most compelling reason for the Bears to keep Justin Fields. Of the two generational talents identified in this draft wide receiver, Marvin Harrison Jr. is more likely to become a generational talent than Caleb Williams for this main reason.