Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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What does JT O'Sullivan think?

Now on to the conditions JT O'Sullivan has defined to justify the Bears keeping Justin Fields. This plan was detailed in his week 17 video of Justin. Others have said similar things but O'Sullivan puts it all together in a detailed and concise fashion. So O'Sullivan supports the Bears keeping Justin but only under these conditions. He says the Bears' number one need is to replace Luke Getsy. He says, the new Bears OC, needs to be someone who will emphasize Fields strengths. Now that Shane Waldron has been hired as the Bears' new offensive coordinator this condition has in my opinion been fulfilled.

O'Sullivan also advises that Fields and his coaches need to continue to focus hard on improving his footwork. Fields' worst mechanical flaw is bouncing just before making a pass or moving his feet backward just before making a pass. In the Packers game, this drove O'Sullivan to distraction. In his week 17 breakdown he also pointed out that Fields needs to do a much better job of having his feet point very much in the direction of his passes.

O'Sullivan is really good at analyzing a QB's footwork. On top of these three changes, he includes as a must condition for the Bears to keep Fields is to add an electric wide receiver playmaker. Then last but not least the Bears need to improve the quality of the Bears interior offensive line. Do all this and the very demanding, brutally frank, JT O'Sullivan believes the Bears can justify keeping Justin Fields in Chicago.