Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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Chase Daniel weighs in on the Justin Fields' situation

In the last game against the Packers, O'Sullivan was quite critical of Luke Getsy and Justin Fields. My counterpoint to his justified criticism toward Fields is that Chase Daniel made the cogent point that in this game, the Bears' pass protection had its absolute worst game of the season. In addition, Luke Getsy's play calling, apparently, in an attempt to compensate for the offensive line's continued failures only seemed to make things worse.

Very much in Fields' favor is the likelihood that Fields used the four weeks he did not play because of an injury to self-scout and reflect. The results of whatever Fields did during his time off show lots of evidence that he can identify his flaws and fix them. This evidence is based on the substantial improvement he showed when he came back from the injury to his thumb.

Chase Daniel confirms this growth post-injury. Here are the fixes Fields made according to Chase Daniel. He says Fields took more chances as a thrower and got a lot better at layered throws over the middle of the field. On top of this, there were several plays where he had room to run but instead chose to throw to open pass targets.

In Chase Daniel's opinion, all of this added, positively, to his resume as a passer. Daniel said, "The more I watched his tape as a thrower it was really really good and better than people were giving him credit for." One of Fields' passes that most impressed Daniels was this. He rolls out to his right but as he is set to throw is then surrounded by four of the Browns defenders. To make this pass work, he had to throw off his back foot with a glove on and he had to throw the ball 55 yards in the air.

Unfortunately, Robert Tonyan dropped this dime of a pass as it fell right into his hands. I believe this incomplete pass, perfectly, thrown by Fields is a fitting metaphor for those who think they know that the Bears should move on from Fields. The metaphor is, that Fields' great throw under pressure shows who Fields really is while Robert Tonyan dropping the ball represents the disbelievers.

These kind of valuable insights by Daniel are why I give the former quarterbacks the most weight in forming my own opinion. After watching lots of tape of Fields while being tutored by the likes of Chase Daniel, JT O'Sullivan, Tim Jenkins, and even Kurt Warner, it makes tons of sense to me why the Bears should keep Justin Fields.