Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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Tim Jenkins has plenty to say about Justin Fields

Tim Jenkins agrees with Chase Daniel that the Bears should keep Fields. JT O'Sullivan of the QB School in one of his videos also pointed out that Fields has improved his accuracy and also improved on his progression on reads. In addition, O'Sullivan mentions that Fields is using effective sneaky ball fakes as well.

Tim Jenkins has also done a great job of analyzing Justin Fields on his YouTube videos. I learned as much from him as I did from Daniel and O'Sullivan. Jenkins in his videos was also on top of the times Fields was much too slow to set up and how this led to missed opportunities. This, of course, is the same criticism Greg Gabriel's friend had identified in Fields' game.

Tim Jenkins, like Chase Daniel, pointed out how good Fields has become at making the layered throws since he came back from his most recent injury. On tape, Jenkins walked us through Fields throwing a layered pass for an on-schedule and well-designed play.

This pass is a perfect example of how good Fields has gotten at these layered throws that can gain some big chunk yards. In this play, Jenkins shows and explains to us that Fields sells a bootleg with his eyes and tempo as he runs a few steps to the right. He then stops, turns left, plants his foot, and makes a difficult yet, well thrown pass to his left to Cole Kmet for a 30-yard gain between 3 defenders getting the Bears to the six yard line.

Then the next play has Fields making a spot-on pass to a wide-open Mercedes Lewis in the back of the end zone. These are examples of an on-schedule play and a layup that Kurt Warner wanted to see from Justin. Again these plays took place after his injury. The more I saw of Fields' tape the more I am convinced those four weeks off for Justin will, very likely, be a big key to turning his career around.