Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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I would be remiss if I did not add that there is a video clip of Phil Simms advocating for the Bears to keep Fields without outright saying it so that is why I have included him in the pro-Fields list. All of the 12 aforementioned QBs are in agreement the Bears should keep Justin Fields. Common sense says QBs should know more about the intricacies and subtleties of quarterbacking including whether a QB has got it or not. No one on the planet has more depth of insight into quarterbacking than the QBs outside of a few brilliant coaches on the offensive side of the ball.

Could Shane Waldron unlock Justin Fields for the Chicago Bears?

Shane Waldron will be the closest thing a Bears coaching staff will have had as a QB expert going all the way back to 2011. This is when Mike Martz was their OC. Every Bears offensive coordinator after Martz up to and including Luke Getsy was at best mediocre and often much less than that. Logic dictated before the Bears made this, enormously, important decision on their starting quarterback they needed someone in their organization who is a proven and respected commodity in his knowledge of quarterbacks and offense.

That Geno Smith came into his own once Shane Waldron became his OC is pretty solid evidence Shane has some QB Whisperer in him. To what degree we can, fully, attach to Shane Waldron this highly respected label is something we shall all find out in Chicago, relatively, soon.