Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Now to fully address the debate beneath the debate. That being whether the obstacles to Justin Fields’ growth are the primary reasons for his, fairly, slow development much more than blaming the deficiencies Fields brings to the table himself. I believe these outside obstacles have masked the strong likelihood that Fields will grow way beyond his weaknesses. The pro-Fields supporters place a major portion of his hit-and-miss growth on the coaching, play calling, and the quality of his teammates on offense.

As mentioned, Chase Daniel said that the Bears' pass protection was poor during the last portion of the season and he added this poor pass protection included the running backs. In his tactful way, Daniel appeared to feel really bad for Fields about having to endure in his final game of 2023, his pass protectors as a whole having their worst game of the season. He said Fields was under constant pressure this entire Packers game.

Presumably, Fields' tape of the second half of 2023 was the final piece of the puzzle for Daniel to say this. He said, “The Chicago Bears could trade away a guy who could be the guy everyone who wanted to draft him thought he could be.” Daniel believes it would be a big mistake for the Bears to give up on Justin Fields and fellow QB Tim Jenkins also very much agrees with this.