Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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However, if Matt Eberflus had taken his head out of his butt and done his job as Bill Belichick would say, by coaching up his team to play at their best against the Packers as they did in the last game against the Lions then I believe this Bears offseason would have a much different tone to it. A new positive pro-Justin Fields tone could have been set if Eberflus was not so very fixated on his weak play, not-to-lose approach to football.

If the Bears had ended the season going 7 and 0 then Fields' growth would not have been overshadowed by Eberflus's failings and the Bears media would be, lining the streets with roses for QB1, figuratively speaking, instead of working overtime to get him tossed out of town.

This kind of context is important if anyone is willing to take the extra steps to get beneath the surface to enable them to fully grasp the value Justin Fields brings to the Bears and how Bears coaching made him look much worse than the much-improved quarterback that he became at the end of the season. To back this assertion up Chase Daniel, Tim Jenkins, and JT O'Sullivan both acknowledged Justin Fields' growth and were, highly critical, of a countless number of the Bears game day coaching decisions.

Yes, I want the Bears to keep Justin Fields. However, let me make something crystal clear this is an, extremely, hard decision to make. It very much requires sifting through and contemplating several complex factors. Then doing some heavy mental lifting by prioritizing the value of layer upon layer of factors. There are several solid logical arguments to support both sides of this franchise defining the crossroads of a decision.

However, I believe based on the expertise of the NFL QBs discussed in this piece and the evidence they provided about this decision that their insight and opinions are as good as it is going to get when it comes to foreseeing the best possible future of the Chicago Bears in regards to choosing who will be their quarterback.