Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Here are some additional interesting examples of factors to be layered into their decision. Another reason for the Bears to stick with Justin Fields is this. The NFC playoffs are showing us there are some very good but not truly great NFC teams to climb over to get to the Super Bowl. The best teams are, very likely in the AFC and for sure the best QBs are in the AFC. In addition, there is a strong belief among many in the NFL that the team with the most blue-chip players has the best chance to win games.

Both Fields and Caleb Williams may go on to have great careers. However, if the Bears pass on Fields and he becomes one of the best NFL QBs of his time then the Bears will have missed out on several great and very good players they could have gotten from trading the top pick in 2024. This is not to deny that the most pivotal player is and always will be the quarterback.

On one hand, a possible “generational” quarterback is there for the taking. On the other hand, the Bears have a quarterback who also is a very good deep ball thrower in this pass-happy NFL era. In combination with this, he is a dual-threat QB with strength and 4.44 speed who at any time can be the rare quarterback who can create big chunk plays with his feet in this era of dual-threat QBs.