Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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Is it really smart of them to not give Fields one more year to see if he can fully realize his great potential? This, especially, would be a missed opportunity now that the Bears have put together what, very possibly, is one of the best offensive coaching staffs in the modern era of the Bears. If the team gives Fields one more shot, it is reasonable to believe they can make the playoffs in 2024. This would cast a big bright positive light on the Bears and Justin Fields that they came close to creating in 2023. If they make the playoffs next season then this would create genuine hope for the possibility that their next step is a run at the Super Bowl.

My fear is Ryan Poles as a former scout and current general manager with two years of experience is going to land in the camp of the front office types and scouts who favor Caleb Williams over Justin Fields. Then in time, he is proven wrong to have moved on from Fields. On the other hand, it is also possible that "the greedy to acquire top players general manager" Ryan Poles will ultimately find it impossible to take a pass on the king’s ransom he can get for trading this year’s number one pick. It is, also entirely, possible that the prize of "Mr. Generational QB Talent" will have teams not only offering a king’s ransom but they might also be willing to throw in a queen’s ransom as well to beat out other offers.


When considering all the angles this also should be taken into consideration. If after 2024 is over and the Bears decide to move on from Fields they should have plenty of draft capital to move up and draft one of the top QB's in the 2025 draft class. Contemplating which of these big picture factors weigh more for or against than other factors is why this is such a complex decision. Whatever the Bears and Ryan Poles decide I just hope it is for the right reasons and not because it falls under the heading of being the safer choice because it adheres to what very much appears to be conventional wisdom.