Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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As you read this it might stand out that all the individuals on the pro Justin Fields side are made up of three subgroups and all are current or retired NFL players. They all advise the Bears to keep Justin Fields and not take a chance on a rookie QB. I very much suspect these pro Fields players are wary of the next great college QB who once he gets to the NFL might end up not being so great. Their skepticism is quite warranted given how very often first-round rookie quarterbacks have not lived up to the big-time hype given to them when they entered the NFL.

These opinions of NFL players as a whole appear to follow this creed. It is better to put trust in what we know about a quarterback even if he is not perfect, more than we trust what we think and hope we know about a QB who has never played in the NFL. The evidence of a very high number of first-round quarterback outright busts and big QB disappointments over the years makes it tough to go against this logic.

What it gets down to is it very much appears the supporters of Fields put more faith in his proven talent and perceived growth than they do in the projected success of an, extremely, talented, highly touted rookie QB. This is a role and responsibility these players, well know, is the most important and challenging position in all of sports. These players who are not Bears players and do not have any allegiance to the Bears but support Fields might well be an offshoot of the clubhouse knows best theory.