Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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The other side of this dividing line is about those that get paid to either judge football talent by NFL teams or get paid, handsomely, by media outlets for their football expertise. Without a doubt, the majority of current and retired scouts and front office types as well as members of the media believe the Bears should use the first pick in the draft to select a new quarterback.

It is my opinion that the option of replacing Fields with Caleb Williams falls under the category of conventional wisdom. It is also my opinion that the long long history of going the route of conventional wisdom inside or outside of sports has proven to be at best a 50/50 gamble. These odds are even less when conventional wisdom is applied to a rookie quarterback.

Here is some evidence to back up this assertion. Two years into the NFL, Brock Purdy just led the Niners to the Super Bowl. He won the honor of being the Mr. Irrelevant of his draft by being the last one chosen in his draft class. Tom Brady who many consider the best quarterback of all time was picked in the sixth round of his draft class. For both of these quarterbacks, it was their intelligence, quick processing speed, and professionalism that proved their draft status was quite inaccurate.

A derivative of my dividing line theory is that the reason the majority of these past and present scouts and front office types as well as the members of the media either consciously or unconsciously take the side of conventional wisdom in regards to Justin Fields is this. There is a bit too much risk for their reputation as someone considered highly knowledgeable about football to side with believing Justin Fields can fix his flaws enough to become a top QB of his time. Ironically, the QBs that support him do believe they have seen enough proof that he can grow way beyond his known deficiencies.