Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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Here is someone who is a former Bears scouting director with 40 years in the scouting business but is no longer in this line of work. He has come across quite a substantial reason why the Bears should stick with Justin Fields. This insight is offered by Greg Gabriel. He is a former Director of Scouting for the Bears. Grumpy Greg can be a bit of an acquired taste but he is a good guy with lots of valuable football knowledge. He has stated that his contacts throughout the NFL and the college ranks are extensive.

Gabriel leaned toward replacing Fields but changed his mind. What changed his opinion was a talk he had with one of his contacts who Greg, eventually, revealed is a QB expert. This friend of Greg’s whom Gabriel expressed great respect for made one of the absolute best points regarding Justin Fields and his coaching.

In analyzing Justin Fields, Gabriel's friend said he looked at videos of Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, CJ Stroud, and Justin Fields. Gabriel's friend in comparing all these quarterbacks identified one flaw that must be fixed by Fields. This QB expert said Fields' setup is too slow both from behind center and in the shotgun.

Gabriel went on to say that this is a very easy fix but if not fixed it affects every play in a big way. He said all the weaknesses Fields has revolve around this flaw -- such as waiting too long to release the ball. That it is an easy fix yet a vital all-encompassing one is why Gabriel's friend added he believes that those who coached Fields should never get another coaching job in football.