Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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Now we shift gears and delve into the quarterbacks who feel the Bears should move on from Justin Fields. The ones I know of are Boomer Esiason and Kurt Warner. They believe the Bears should make the first pick in the draft a new starting quarterback. Kurt Warner has legit issues with Justin, consistently, completing the layups and on-schedule plays.

However, the other 12 QBs who believe the Bears should keep Fields must also believe that Fields' growth, especially, his late-season growth shows he can, consistently, make the layups and the on-schedule pass plays that Kurt, rightfully, has pointed out are a must for a successful quarterback.

This gets us back to the Chicago sports media. They as a whole are going with the conventional wisdom of choosing Caleb Williams over Justin Fields. The main vibe I get from even the Bears media I like and respect is that the vast majority are falling into the safe comfort zone of what I very much believe is the conventional wisdom of the Bears drafting Caleb Williams to be their new quarterback.

Herb Howard is a WVON personality and a Bears beat reporter for The Bigs Media. He also is a frequent guest on the CHGO BEARS YouTube video channel and is the one Chicago sports media figure that I know of who, strongly, advocates for the Bears to keep Justin Fields. He is not a star in Chicago sports media but he is quite knowledgeable and a gutsy guy. IMO in this atmosphere, it takes some real guts to be in the Chicago media and be in the keep Justin Fields camp.

Then we have Laurence Holmes and Leila Rahimi of the Chicago sports radio station WSCR. These two are not only entertaining but, consistently, have great insights into the Bears. As far as their take on Fields, when reading between the lines, it appears they both favor keeping him. They are pretty consistent about praising and defending Fields. However, I have never heard either flatly state the Bears should keep him.