Analyzing the high-profile opinions about Justin Fields with the Bears, stay or go?

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I have to admit to kind of avoiding Chicago sports radio of late because when the talk turns to quarterbacks the vast majority of the time what I am hearing, I am not liking. The main reason for my dislike is this talk is lacking in acknowledging the compelling evidence that Justin's game got a lot better when he came back from his thumb injury. Instead what I have heard, recently, is more about opinions focused on rehashing the same, heavily, trodden territory of Fields' mistakes from year two through mid-season 2023.

The media personalities and fans who refuse to acknowledge the big improvements made by Fields post-injury lose my attention and respect for their opinions on Justin Fields. These opinions lack the full picture of just how good Justin Fields has become since coming back from his injury. So this talk is weak tea to me after getting detailed QB lessons from QB experts such as Chase Daniel, JT O'Sullivan, and Tim Jenkins who have made it clear Justin Fields' recent growth is very real.

It is kind of startling to see this dividing line between those who believe Justin Fields should stay in Chicago and also do not have their wealth tied in a big way to their football opinions. Then contrast this pro Fields group to the move on-from Fields group. When comparing these two groups, the vast majority of those who want the Bears to replace Justin are those whose income is quite dependent on their reputation as professionals who are knowledgeable and insightful about football.