Are we reading too much into the comments Luke Getsy made about Justin Fields?

Luke Getsy recently met with the media in Las Vegas. It was his first official press conference since becoming the Raiders' offensive coordinator. He had some things to say about Justin Fields when asked. Are we reading too much into those comments?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

If you were to poll all NFL fan bases, I'm sure most would tell you that they don't like their offensive coordinator. It seems to come with the territory. That is exactly what we have witnessed over the last two years when it came to Luke Getsy. Chicago Bears fans, myself included, have been scratching their heads at Getsy's situational play-calling. His first 15 to 20 scripted plays were always good, but then he struggled to adapt during the game. Most fans want to blame Getsy for the failure of the offense rather than Justin Fields, but in reality, both share in the blame. Just one more than the other.

Luke Getsy recently spoke to the media in his first official press conference as the Raiders' offensive coordinator. During that press conference, he was asked about Justin Fields. Getsy had nothing but positive things to say about the Chicago Bears quarterback. Before we get into what Getsy said, we should point out a couple of things.

One, this information was not volunteered. He was asked directly about Fields. Two, he could have been less positive, but most people in the NFL take the high road during press conferences — especially if directly asked. Finally, what Getsy has to say has no bearing on what Ryan Poles and the Bears will do at the quarterback position this offseason.

Luke Getsy gives positive thoughts on Bears QB Justin Fields

Luke Getsy gives praise to Justin Fields.

"Tremendous growth for Justin...Like I said when I was there, he is one of the best human beings I have ever got to work with. It is just the mentality that he brought every day, the consistent approach, the kind of man that he is. Just really, it was a blessing to work with him and he was someone that just came to work every day to get better and better, and I think he will continue to do so."

Luke Getsy, Raiders OC

If we read through the lines though, this is high praise about Justin Fields the human more than it is Justin Fields the player. He talks about growth, which is true, but most of his praise is about Fields' work ethic, his personality, his leadership, etc. It has very little to do with his abilities on the football field outside of the growth comment. A comment that is true but vague.


We already knew how Justin Fields is viewed in the locker room as a leader. We know he has a great work ethic. We even know he grew in 2023 as a passer. But was that growth enough to pass up on a new QB knowing they hold the first-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? Most fans and analysts will tell you no. The point here is that it seems too many people are reading into these comments and looking for something that really isn't there.