4 Areas Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields must improve for the 2023 season

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No. 4: Ball Security 

The Bears didn’t catch many breaks last year, but one area where they were quite fortunate was the number of Justin Fields’ fumbles the offense was able to recover. Of the league-high 16 times Fields put the ball on the ground, only two resulted in turnovers. 

Although most of Fields’ fumbles ultimately rendered inconsequential, this isn’t sustainable in the long run. Fields has fumbled 28 times in two seasons, and if this problem persists, it will only result in more lost possessions for the Bears offense. Given Fields’ prowess as a rusher, it’s even more important that he takes better care of the football since he is likely to take more hits than other quarterbacks.

No matter the strides Fields’ takes as a passer, these numbers are simply unacceptable. Turnovers are backbreakers, and the Bears don’t have the talent to consistently overcome them.  

Turnovers can be any quarterback’s undoing. Interceptions and fumbles are a part of the game, but too many can destroy an offense. The Bears need Fields to be their savior in 2023, and he cannot be that if he is putting the ball in harm's way. Double-digit fumbles for a third year in a row have the potential to be catastrophic for Chicago’s offense.