Why Arizona Cardinals are a make-or-break test for Justin Fields and Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears do not have much to play for in the final three games, but we know that quarterback Justin Fields has essentially everything to play for. Whether he is playing to start with the Chicago Bears next year or another team, there are plenty of things for him to accomplish in the final three weeks. The Arizona Cardinals happen to be the perfect test.

Justin Fields must lead the Chicago Bears to victory over the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals' defense is bad, but they have also faced a seriously tough schedule of quarterbacks. They opened with Sam Howell and Daniel Jones, and people thought this team might be competitive. Then, they beat Dak Prescott.

After that, the Cardinals have faced Brock Purdy twice, Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford twice, Geno Smith, Lamar Jackson, DeShaun Watson, CJ Stroud, and then Desmond Ridder and Kenny Pickett/Mitch Trubisky. 

Since week three, they have faced nine of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and lost every game. They faced two below-average quarterbacks and won, beating Atlanta and Pittsburgh. Both of those wins came with Kyler Murray as well. 

Since Murray returned from the IR, the Cardinals are 2-3. The losses were to Stroud, Stafford, and Purdy, while the wins were over Ridder and Pickett. When Murray is the better quarterback entering the game, his team has won this year. 

So, this will be a big test for Justin Fields. Does he classify Ridder and Pickett as quarterbacks who were not as good as Murray and struggled against this defense? Or will he join the list of quality quarterbacks who consistently beat the Arizona Cardinals? 

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It is safe to say that if Justin Fields does not beat the Arizona Cardinals, he will not start week one of the 2024 with the Chicago Bears.