Attendance at Oregon Pro Day proves Chicago Bears learned from previous mistake

The Bears are avoiding the Mitch Trubisky mistake.

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The focus for the Chicago Bears remains on the decision that lies ahead of them at the quarterback position.

The first two days of NFL Free agency have passed with no suitor being identified for Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Plenty of reasons have been thrown at the wall regarding why the Bears have not yet found a trade partner for Fields. A leading theory has been that the Bears haven't fully begun the process of engaging in trade discussions regarding Fields.

The reason for the delay is that the Bears may want to complete their evaluations of all the top quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

To that end, the Oregon Pro Day was on Tuesday featuring quarterback prospect Bo Nix. The Bears were in attendance at the Pro Day with it being noted that head coach Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron were among the contingency sent by the team.

The Chicago Bears are correcting the mistake they made during the 2017 NFL Draft process.

There was a fear that the Bears were going to have tunnel vision in regard to the quarterbacks at the top of the draft class. That would have been a mistake for the team that did that very thing during the 2017 draft. The Bears were locked in on Mitch Trubisky ahead of the 2017 draft. leaving many to wonder if the team never truly evaluated the potential of Patrick Mahomes.

All signs continue to point to the Bears selecting Caleb Williams. It's believed that Williams will have completed his Top 30 visit with the Bears by the end of March and assuming the medicals check out, that will be the last box to be checked.

Regardless, it still is important that the Bears go through the entire vetting process with all of the quarterbacks. In the coming weeks, it's likely that we see the Bears be in attendance for the LSU Pro Day, Michigan Pro Day, and North Carolina Pro Day as the teams compile all the information they can on Jayden Daniels, JJ McCarthy, and Drake Maye.

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