Bears fans are hoping Bleacher Report's grim prediction for Caleb Williams is wrong

These are not the vibes we were hoping for this week.
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Bears' offseason has been the biggest party in the NFL this summer. They re-signed their best defensive player, who just happens to maybe be the best cornerback in football, drafted a generationally-talented quarterback, and traded for yet another reliable, All-Pro caliber wide receiver.

It's about as good a time to be a Bears fan as there's been in the last couple decades, which is why expectations for the first year of the Caleb Williams era are already through the roof. And maybe it's all too much too fast, but you try telling any Bears fan that. Seriously, go try it. I can wait.

But a funny thing happened this week: Bleacher Report woke up feeling especially chaotic and ready for battle. With offseason activity wrapping up, and the NFL's "summer break" right around the corner, BR decided to go team-by-team and absolutely ruin the vibes. I mean, like, destroy them. This week, they published a big ol' listicle titled, "Describing Every NFL Team's Nightmare 2024 Season in 1 Sentence or Less." It's equal parts genius and unnecessary, the hallmark of most great BR content. And reader, their Bears scenario is the stuff of nightmares.

BR's grim prediction for Caleb Williams is a nightmare for Bears fans

Here's their one sentence summary of what would be a truly disastrous 17 weeks of your life:

If Caleb Williams pulls a Bryce Young circa 2023, especially if Justin Fields finds a groove in Pittsburgh.

Just so we're clear, pulling a Bryce Young would mean going 2-14 while throwing for 2800 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. It would mean being statistically one of, if not the, worst quarterbacks in the NFL. It would probably mean the end of Matt Eberflus' time in Chicago, too. (Although Bears fans can probably live with that one.)

On top of all that, the idea that the QB that the Bears spent two years maneuvering for – part of which included giving the Panthers the pick they used on Young – only to have Williams be worse than Young, is so uniquely Bears that it hurts to even think about. Thank you, Bleacher Report, for sending us into summer with a new nightmare.