Bears fans will love where Caleb Williams debuted on Chris Simms' 2024 QB rankings

He's already better than so many QBs!
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Name something more impactful on the NFL calendar than Chris Simms' QB rankings. You can't. They're the marquee event of the season, and fans across the league wait with bated breath to see where Simms places their favorite guys.

The roll-out is spectacular. There are weirdly-outdated graphics, tons of odd choices, and the best part: it happens over like two weeks. Credit where it's due: this is real tradecraft from Simms. No one's talking about anything right now, and he's giving us like 10 days of content.

And while usually Bears fans spend this time yelling about how, actually, Matt Barkley isn't as bad as everyone thinks, this year is different. This year the Bears have Caleb Williams, and that means that angry Twitter replies are a thing of the past (right?).

Simms knows that, which is why he debuted Williams at ... a respectable 20th! In Simms' mind, Caleb Williams is quite literally the most average QB in football right now. 20 are better, 20 are worse.

Simms ranks Caleb Williams higher than Justin Fields in '24 QB Rankings

You may also have noticed that there are several other QBs on this list with recent ties to the Bears, all of which are whom are worse than Williams. There's Russell Wilson at 21, who was almost a Chicago Bear, if you believe all the rumors from 2021. Then, sadly, there's Justin Fields.

Forget Williams – Fields being ranked lower than Deshaun Watson and Daniel Jones is a tough look. The good news is that it's not like he's going to have to play all that much better to take the QB1 job away from Wilson. The bad news is everything else (for Fields, at least). The Bears, and Bears fans, are sitting pretty. They have the 20th best QB according to Chris Simms, and that's reason to celebrate. So it's official: the Bears' decision to move on from Fields and draft Williams has been validated. The Bears are back.