Bears Rumors: 3 contenders eyeing Jaylon Johnson at trade deadline

A brand-new report from an NFL insider has us wondering if Jaylon Johnson will in fact be traded
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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3. San Francisco 49ers

Finally, we come to the third team suggested by Allbright.

The San Francisco 49ers were the class of the NFL just a few weeks ago, sitting undefeated and atop the conference. But, now they are losers of three in a row. Defensively, they had played fine during the first two of those losses, but their most recent one against the Cincinnati Bengals saw them surrender 31 points in an uncharacteristic outing.

Believe it or not, the 49ers pass defense is actually in the middle of the league, giving up an average of 228 yards per game through the air. Their front seven is always ferocious, but at cornerback, they have struggled a bit. Deommodore Lenoir is the main starter who should be worried about being replaced at the deadline. He's definitely had some lapses in coverage and, when called upon, has struggled against the run.

If San Francisco added Johnson at the deadline, that could be what helps spark their defense get back to form. Now, offensively, that's a story which we'll leave for another time.