Bears Rumors: 3 players team must keep at trade deadline

The Bears should be active if the value is right, but these three players should remain
Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3. Justin Fields, QB

Finally, we have seen plenty of rumors about Justin Fields being traded before the deadline. Of course, his recent thumb injury complicates the situation big time. If he is out an extended period of time, the likelihood of him being traded is not high.

But, if he is set to return in a shorter period of time, the Bears face an interesting situation. Fields could play a good amount the rest of the season, and regardless of how he plays, the Bears might still end up with the number one pick in next year's draft.

And, if they end up with that pick, then Caleb Williams is coming to Chicago, which means Fields will be dealt elsewhere.

Now, if Fields is ultimately traded, it should happen after the season and not right now. His stock is no where near as high as it could be after a season of promise, should he play quite a bit more after returning from injury. Trying to trade him while dealing with an injury would make little to no sense.

For now, Fields should remain a Bear. He should continue to get the best coaching and development possible (which is not saying much in the Bears' current state). Following the season, the Bears can entertain the idea of trading him.