5 best free agent fits for Chicago Bears to replace Eddie Jackson

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3. Would the Chicago Bears be interested in signing Alohi Gillman?

Alohi Gillman is an interesting fit for the Chicago Bears. The former sixth-round pick out of Notre Dame took some time to get his chance, but when he did, he flourished. Gillman was mostly depth for the first two years, but injuries caused him to jump into the mix in 2021. He won the job with his play and entered the offseason as the starter next to Derwin James. 

Gillman was great in his first full year as a starter. With the drop in play from James, you could not tell which made more of an impact on the 2023 season. Now, Gillman is set to hit free agency at the right time. 

He is so interesting because he came into the NFL profiling more as a box safety, and he spent his first year or so behind Derwin James and not next to him. However, he thrived playing deep and showed that he could excel next to a true box safety such as James. 

Does Gillman want to play that deep role, or will he look to get back into a combination role and a fit he likes? It will be interesting to see where he decides to play next year and how much he gets paid after that strong season.