5 best options if Chicago Bears want an experienced offensive coordinator 

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4. Darrell Bevell has plenty of experience for the Chicago Bears

Darrell Bevell is another coach who does have the head coach moniker to his name, but he has coached in the NFL since 2006, mostly as a play caller and offensive coordinator. Bevell has also been an interim head coach twice, showing that he has been able to handle that day-to-day. 

This makes him far enough removed that he would not threaten Ebertflus’ status like Bienemy might. But he still can help Eberflus adapt to being a better head coach. 

One of the best parts of Bevell's resume is working with three different rookie quarterbacks. He coached Tavaris Jackson as a rookie in 2006, and he turned into a starter. In 2012, he coached Russell Wilson, and in 2021, he was the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive coordinator when Trevor Lawrence was around. 

Now, Bevell is the quarterback coach and passing game coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. The Chicago Bears need someone with experience and who has head coaching ability. They need someone who can work with a young quarterback and someone who comes from one of the premier offenses last season. Darrell Bevell checks those boxes.