5 best options if Chicago Bears want an experienced offensive coordinator 

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2. Would Greg Roman fit the Chicago Bears?

Greg Roman is another coordinator who has never been a head coach, but as recently as 2018, he was labeled the assistant head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. In 2019, he was one of the hottest head coaching candidates in the NFL. Now, he has been out of the NFL for a year and is looking for a job. 

Still, Roman has the experience the Chicago Bears need. He also is one of the coordinators who would be hired if the team was going to stick with Justin Fields. Roman helped Lamar Jackson win the MVP in 2019. More than that, he ran an offense for Tyrod Taylor with the Buffalo Bills and Colin Kaepernick with the San Francisco 49ers. Roman can coordinate offenses for mobile quarterbacks. 

This would be the best case for Justin Fields. He would finally have a scheme adopted to him. For Roman, it would be a great chance to get his name back in the good graces of the NFL landscape. It could fit both sides.