3 biggest areas of concern after Chicago Bears 0-2 start

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1. The Chicago Bears have issues from the top down

Arguably the biggest issue of all is the combination of Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. They seem to be aligned in their philosophy, but the philosophy does not work. Eberflus is a linebackers coach and defensive coordinator.

So, it is no shock that he wanted the team to draft secondary players and linebackers. Ryan Poles gave Eberflus his guys. He drafted cornerback in the second round twice, he took a second-round safety, and the biggest name free agents Poles has signed are linebackers.

However, the point of Eberflus being a good defensive coach is that he should be able to make the unit better. Now, the team is losing serious investments on offense, and the defense is not even good. That is because Poles and Eberflus neglected the defensive line for two straight offseasons.

DeMarcus Walker would probably be appreciated as a rotational rusher if he did not have to start. Yannick Ngakoue was signed in training camp for a reason, and Justin Jones only looked good last year because everyone else on the line was so bad. Now, Poles added Zacch Pickens and Gervon Dexter instead of Jalen Carter, and neither has been able to make an impact.

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This dup is concerning. Their style and the way they plan to win football games is not working, and you have to wonder if time will just allow them to instill more of these losing ways into the franchise.